2. Photography

Nimbus II: Stratospheric Balloon Launch

Nimbus II

A calm evening on August 24th, 2014 ensured a successful launch of a 400,000 cubic-metre balloon with a payload of 1963kg of research equipment from France. The launch took place at the Timmins Stratospheric Balloon base, a collaborative effort by the Canadian Space Agency and Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales of France, along with support from the Corporation of the City of Timmins, and a partnership with the non-profit educational outreach group, Science Timmins.

This picture can also be seen in a galler on The Weather Network.

Abandoned past…

Abandoned Recesses

An experimental digital collage I made using GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)  in 2012.

Top Row: Old Diamond Jubilee School before it was torn down – ca. late November 1996. (35mm film, hand-developed and processed)

Middle Row: World Trade Centre site wreckage, February 2003. (35mm film, commercial processing)

Bottom: Selective desaturation still life, November 2006.  (Digital Photograph edited with Corel PhotoPaint)


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