1. Artwork


12" X 12" Linocut Test of "Dance of the Winds of Diaspora"Test 12″ X 12″ linocut of “Dance of the Winds of Diaspora” – August 17th, 2014.

Douglas Bader SpitfireDouglas Bader Spitfire, 6 X 3″, December 2012.


Moose in Green Linocut Moose, 6 X 4″, December 2012.



Small Linocuts: December 2012A sampling of small linocuts, circa December 2012.


McIntyre Headframe Magenta McIntyre Headframe on 90lb watercolour paper – 4.5″ X 6″, December 2011. The McIntyre headframe was the second linocut I made.



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