Dark Sky Lantern

Another project I’m working on for the summer show is a Dark Sky lantern. I started with a large slab rolled and formed into a cylinder about 6 inches in diameter and close to 12 inches high. Using Northern hemisphere July star maps for reference, I then started mapping the night sky using various sized drill bits, starting with the Milky Way.


Starting to form the holes. At this point, the layers of newspaper, plastic, and the cardboard cylinder form were still in the middle of the lantern.

Milky Way in progress.

The view from the interior once I removed the cardboard form.

The Milky Way completed with Saggitarius, a.k.a. “The Teapot Constellation” off to the left.


From left to right (excluding the far left) the three big holes are Saturn (top), Antares (bottom), and Mars.




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