Beach ball and Japanese Fishing Float Salt & Pepper Set

The pottery class I’m in is putting on another show this July at the Black Spruce Gallery here in Timmins. The theme is “Summer”, and the objective is to make something that represents summer to us. We can play around with scale, make display objects/sculptures, or make functional items. One of my ideas was to make a salt and pepper shaker set that looks like a beach ball and a Japanese fishing float sitting on a shoreline tray. Below are the rough greenware forms.


The two ball forms have been made by pressing white clay against the inside the two halves of a plastic Christmas ornament form. These are approximately 2 inches in diameter.


The shoreline tray has been hand-formed with a raised edge. Two impressions have been pressed in using the marble ball seen in the background of this picture.


This is a test to see how well the ball forms rest on their indentations.


Although the tray now resembles a Minion character, the additional ridges were added after I remembered that I still had several flat glass marbles from last year, which I could fire and melt as “water”. The top half of the shoreline tray has been textured by bouncing an old tooth brush all over the soft clay. The forms are now resting for some detailing work once they harden a bit.

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