Photographic Experiment: Water Drops

This was a simple kitchen sink set-up done at a Porcupine Photo Club meeting. A plastic glass was placed upright on another inverted glass in a sink. A piece of cardboard with a scrap of black cloth was used as a backdrop. The glass was filled with water, and then the faucet was left on just enough for a steady stream of drops to fall down. I set my camera to a 4-second exposure at ISO 100, f/16 and focussed the lens on a knife blade that had been held right on the drop stream to line everything up. The room lights were turned off, and the shutter was opened. The club president then took an external flash and fired it manually towards the set-up before the shutter closed again. If a drop of water happened t be falling at the time, the flash would capture it in action.



The first two pictures above had a “Holga Effect” added to them using Picasa photo editor.


The above picture shows a bit of the set-up with the flash off to the side. The flash was moved around to get different effects.


The rest of the pictures were taken with flash powered down by half and the aperture opened up to f/8.0.


This final picture was taken using a strobe effect on the flash, giving the illusion of multiple water drops. The same drop (or two) is actually being caught in several positions as it falls into the pool.

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