A Warholesque Take on a Frozen Bubble


There was a Winter Hiking Day event at the Hersey Lake Conservation Area, just outside of Timmins today. The Mattagami Regional Conservation Authority and the Wintergreen Fund for Conservation arranged the annual hike, and there was also a survival demonstration put on by the Timmins Porcupine Search and Rescue Group.

The organizers had set up a bonfire and served hot chocolate after the hike. Several bottles of bubble formula had also been left out on one of the picnic benches, likely for guests to tray their hand at making frozen bubbles. It was a nice sunny day and probably consistently -16 degrees Celsius for most of the time. I experimented a bit with the bubble formula and managed to get one bubble to rest intact in the snow and start freezing. However, I alternated between having overexposed photos (1/60th of a second) and underexposed photos (1/1600th) of a second. Since the pictures weren’t that exciting to look at when I got home (I don’t have a macro lens), I decided to play around with the tone curve and white balance settings using my Canon default software. (These were RAW files.) I ended up making some interesting effects this way, and for fun, I decided to take the same photo and skew the colours in 4 different ways and then put the different jpegs together in Warhol-style layout. This would probably make an interesting canvas or metallic image printed out in a large format.

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