Maneki Neko Teapot: Bisque, Staining and A Clear glaze


The Maneki Neko teapot as seen on March 31st, 2015, fired to bisque. 



Her details are painted on with various stains… 



The next day, April 01st, some more details are added on as a second coat of stain – the white areas are left as the natural clay colour.


The teapot after pouring on transparent glaze. The pouring had to be done quiclkly to prevent the stain from smearing. The interior has also been glazed transparent.


The completed Maneki Neko teapot after her glaze firing as seen on April 07th, 2015. Aside from some stain running a little and the pot shrinking more than expected, she came out nicely.


Field test: I made peppermint tea in class – the pot holds about two cups’ worth and pours quite well, although the spout narrowed a bit in the interior. She is sitting next to a pinchpot handless teacup I made in the last session and glazed with matte Ted and oribe green.

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