Glazing and Drying

Several other small pieces that had been bisque-fired were glazed in this session.


Clockwise from top left: A linocut dragon disc, a linocut headframe disc, one square from a vintage stamp, an extruded tube ring with holes, another vintage stamp square, a circle taken from the top of the Maneki Neko teapot (to create an opening on the head for the lid), a heart-shaped pinchpot dish, a large circular pinchpot bowl, and the long-lost red clay ball made back in the spring of 2014.



The pinchpot bowl glazed on the exterior with Floating Blue and on the interior with a Glossy White.




Fifteen decorative iridescent aquamarine marbles have been placed down – hopefully they will melt into a nice glassy layer on the bottom of the bowl.



The pinchpot received an exterior glaze of Mocked Green, along with a white interior and rim.



Ten small flat shiny purple marbles were placed on the bottom of the pinchpot heart.



A linocut dragon receives a coat of Matte Red.


A linocut headframe receives a coat of Navy.



The two pinchpot bowls sit on a shelf in the kiln room ready for glazing. The disc with the snowflake in the foreground (glazed Navy) is a cutting from the head of the Maneki Neko’s head, which was widened for adding the hat/ears/lid.


The Maneki Neko teapot continues to air dry on a shelf in the kiln room. (The bowl and cup in the background belong to other students.) A solar-powered plastic waving Maneki Neko has been set there for comparison.




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