Maneki Neko Teapot – Taking Shape 

This week, I added the all-important spout/forearm, feet, other arm and paw, and the oval coin. I detailed in some facial structure to give her a more cat-like look, and am now almost ready to dry her out for firing. I will work on the eyes and whiskers next week.

Here is a side view of the teapot before attaching the spout – I used a drill bit fore the holes.

The teapot with the spout attached and reinforced with a coil. It took three attempts to make the spout, as a rolled slab from template didn’t work out; I decide to stick with the hand-formed pinchpot method instead. Linda Guiho gave me some assistance with the final spout dorm and positioning.

The Neko with her feet, other paw, and coin attached. I also worked out her facial features more, although at this stage, she still looks a bit like a mouse and Totoro.

A view from the back of the teapot. The handle is slightly twisted, because it is modelled to look like her tail, which would be right at her back.

One more view looking directly at the teapot from the front. (My knuckles are one the lower right corner.) She’s almost done being formed!

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