Maneki Neko Teapot Progress

The week’s progress was marked by several attempts at different components on the teapot. I added a tail handle (deliberately off-centre a little to make it look like a natural tail), made a bell (after 3 or 4 attempts at the hollow shape) and fitted her hat-ears lid after opening up the top of her head. I’ve also defined her nose by pushing out part of the head “ball” to give her more of a cat-like face.


The teapot, as seen from the rear with the head cut open on the top.



The front view of the teapot without the lid (and the corner of my glasses in the shot (the iPod I’m using to photograph only has a webcam that faces the screen, which makes it difficult to line up shots without peering up underneath it).


A rather odd angle: looking up inside the bell around the cat’s neck. The white ball inside is a piece of air-dried clay that should rattle around, even after firing (part of the bell won’t be glazed).



Two views of the hat-ears lid with an added flange to fit inside the head – I put a steam vent on the lid, too.


The Maneki Neko’s progress at the end of the evening’s session. The lid was fitted in for this picture, then removed and replaced with a piece of plastic in between to keep the pieces from fusing together until next week.


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