Colour Test in Acrylic

I have an idea for the Porcupine Art Club’s exhibit at the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre in June; however before going on a large scale, I like to make some colour test swatches on 8X10″ canvases. I’m thinking of a green gradient mosaic look with two-inch squares and wanted to see whether or not to put in a grout effect in purple. After making the two swatches (the one with the “grout” also has the “tiles” alternating between vertical and horizontal orientation), I’m favouring either not having the purple “grout” or just a hairline, perhaps piped on using an inkjet refill needle. (The lines here are approximately 1/4″ thick.)

The colours used are Liquitex soft body Indian Yellow, Daler-Rowney System 3 Hooker’s Green (found an 8oz. tube for $3 CDN!), Liquitex soft body phthalocyanine blue (red shade), and Daler-Rowney Velvet Purple.




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