Printing on TerraSkin Paper

I took part in a workshop hosted by another member of the Porcupine Art Club today. The workshop introduced club members to the interesting qualities of TerraSkin, a paper made from stone, equivalent to about a 340lb watercolour paper. The paper is slick like Yupo (a synthetic paper made out of polypropylene), which means it can create many interesting effects with water-based inks and paint.

I carved a Japanese-style water dragon from a soft block (similar to a large eraser and not able to withstand the printing press) and used it with the Chinese-style linocut dragon.



The Japanese-style dragon on a soft pink block. The dark blue lines were my original carving outlines drawn in ballpoint pen; the pale blue colouring is from a highlighter to keep track of carved shapes.



The first TeraSkin print, which has since been washed off to a background to be modified into another print. The red ink stained nicely, putting faded dragons on to the background done with Deep Scarlet Red and Quinacridone Gold. The original print had the Chinese-style dragons in dark yellow in the large areas – a little bit of their ring outlines can still be seen.

2015/01/img_1566.jpgAn experiment using the two dragon stamps and blending through different colours of the rainbow with the inks. Originally, the background was a dark textured purple, but it was too dark to see any of the stamped dragons (green at the time) that had been placed over top.


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