The Miracle on Third Avenue: Karina and Mits Rescue Bucovetsky’s Christmas Model

Thank you for the nice write-up, Frank – and for helping carry the model down Second Avenue! I hope the other two models find good homes, and are shared with the public every now and then.

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Today I was crossing Pine St. South and Second Avenue when I noticed Karina Douglas and Mits Takayesu caring a large bundle down the street each holding one end. At first I thought it was a microwave oven. But it turned out to be much more important than that.

What Karina and Mits were carrying on a cold, snowy day in Timmins was the much beloved Christmas Display Model from the Old Bucovetsky store. The present owners Tweed and Hickory are closing the store after Christmas and everything is up for sale including the three pieces that constituted the elements of its Christmas window for much of the 20th century and the first two decades of this century.

I was flabbergasted! I mean I had only a couple of days ago written about one of the grand old Christmas traditions being a visit to see Bucovetsky’s Christmas window in a…

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